:smiley: Ink Warrior
Hi,everybody.This picture results from my passion to concept art and digital sculpting competences.
I have always been fascinated by the use of dirty line and sketchy images with key features in order to make the drawing easily understandable.
I have discovered and appreciated artists like Daniel Dociu, Kekai Ketaki e Richard Anderson during an illustration course.
Not being so good at drawing, I contrived a new way to combine concept art and digital sculpting.
I used zbrush, then I polypainted it and finally composited in photoshop.




Zbrush Render.

Love the look and technique!

Thanks Ken B :smiley:

Really beautiful work! Very unique use of ZB. Would love to hear more about it, nice work man!

thats cool! interesting approach! :+1:

beautifull :slight_smile:

very good and fresh:+1:

yeah love seeing people using zbrush for different techniques, very nice

Hi and thanks to all for the comments.:smiley:
Yes,I wanted to work on a “new”(for zbrush) and fresh style.
Soon I will post other images ever on this style and maybe I’d like to explain some techniques.

:DBlood Bowl
Hi Everybody!!!This is another image with the same technique,“Polysketch”.
The character is inspired by blood bowl.
I hope you like it.


Wow, I’ll love to see how’s done!!

That’s a really nice style you’ve developed, looks great!

Adrian Smith meets 3d! so awesome:+1:

Lol Thanks!!! :smiley:

Such a cool technique, I would love to see more in depth how you are doing this. Really cool!

Thanks KPtoons
I’m planning to do a making of, but not now.
I prefer to finish a few more images to improve the technique. :wink:

really cool idea… and look
i am really curious to see how you do it

Impressive and a very good style , Hope to see more from you


Love the style man, the shapes are so cool. Keep it up!