Polypaint pixelation after sculpting in lower subdivision

I painted in my highest subdivision level (5) then went down to 3 and sculpted for a bit on the ear. When I returned to subdivision level 5, I got all this black pixelation. How to I get rid of it and why did this happen?

Hello @jscotese ,

I don’t know what about your process resulted in this, and there isn’t enough information here to tell you. If you’re uncomfortable providing the information about your process and file necessary to answer questions like this, please go to ZBrush Support and provide it there.

If you’d like to try and provide it here, please post a completely un-cropped screenshot of your entire ZBrush interface in the default UI, with the subtool palette open to the active subtool so we can see what features might be active, as well as what other subtools might be having an influence.

Some pure guesses:

  1. Masking and polygroups are best defined from low to high poly, and will not cleanly subdivide down if you attempt to define them at high poly and then move to a lower level of subdivision. If any masking or polygroups were defined at the higher level of subdivision, you can expect them to become somewhat scrambled if you move to a lower level and then back to a higher.

  2. Clear any masking. Tool> Masking> Clear.

  3. Be certain you are looking at the subtool you think you are. If you have any overlapping subtools that occupy the same space, the underlying surface can cause dark spots like this when it starts to peek through the overlapping surface.

  • Enable Solo Mode (Transform> Solo, or on the right side of the default UI viewport).


did you ever figure this out