Polyframe Cycling & Background Cycling (ZPlugin)


My art name is Mushogenshin. I’m an Anatomy Technical Art Lead at Virtuos-SPARX*, and today I’m pleased to introduce a small ZPlugin I wrote to help with quickly changing the Polyframe display modes – called “PF Cycling” --, where you can set a same hotkey and use it to cycle through four PF modes:

  • Polyline only
  • Polyfill only
  • Polyline & Polyfill together
  • No polyframe at all

Also bundled in the ZPlugin is another functionality called “BG Cycling”. You can use it to quickly change the canvas background colors during sculpting for a better view. I personally set its hotkey to Alt + B, and cycling the four background colors just like I can in Maya!

Last but not least, included in the ZPlugin is a button to “Force Toggle Sculptris”. This allows you to toggle Sculptris with ease of mind, where you don’t have to worry about turning off that BackfaceMask in Brush >> AutoMasking anymore.

You can download the ZPlugin for free on GitHub.

Feel free to report bugs and send me suggestions for improvement, too!


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