Polyframe ALL subtools

I’m using more and more ZModeler to low poly model everything. It’s a really excellent tool. It takes some time to get used to it when coming from Max Maya or Modo, but it’s definitely woth the effort.
My biggest issue comes from the fact that I cannot display the polyframe (Shift+F) of all the subtools, but only the one currently selected. Which is really not convenient to align objects for example.
I tried a few scripts but cannot find a way to do that. Could someone please tell me a way, if there is any ?
Thanks in advance :wink:

Marcus Civis did the vast majority of the work on a zscript very similar to what you are asking for.

It’s part of my “E Tools” and you can download it here >

It’s called “Focus All” and can be found under “Zplugin > Etools > Misc Scripts > Focus All” after the zscript is installed.

It will focus on all of the subtools and then zoom them out a little bit so they aren’t so close to the border of the canvas

Thanks Eric, but E Tools “Focus All” function is a “Fit Mesh to View” (F) for all subtools. It has nothing to see with the subject of this thread. Which was : “Draw Polyframe” (Shift+F) for all subtools. Something I need all the time when using ZModeler. And sadly somthing that doesn’t exist in any plugin I know.
If someone knows a way, it’d be welcome ! :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, yeah I misread what you were asking.

You can display the wire-frame for all subtools at once but you have to do a BPR render, there is no way to do it real-time.

A script could be written to render out a BPR render at the fastest possible settings to very quickly get a wire frame on your entire model, which would be pretty damn fast with a zmodeler model (under 1 second), but it would go away as soon as you rotate the view.