Poly count question....

I’m working on a model and I’m up to 309,000 polys… I’m about half way finished with it and afraid I’m reaching my poly limit… Is there any way I can reduce the polys in certain areas by masking without affecting the rest of the model?

Anyone know what the highest poly count anyone has gotten with zbrush? I’ve seen the limit posted at 250,000 but I’m getting beyond that.

Hi Nocturnal451 the limit is 250000.
In Tool Panel>Modifier>Deformation>Optimize will reduce the number of poligon.
Thanks for your attention

Thanks Andre, but I tried that earlier and for some reason the entire model gets optimized even if a small area is masked… Then I lose all the detail no matter what the optimize slider is set to… Any more suggestions?


Hello everyone. I’m a total newbie here but you were saying you had a “small area masked” while you were trying to reduce your poly count. Optimizing will affect all areas “unmasked”. If you didn’t just flip your meaning, maybe that was the problem.

Unless you can find creative uses for it (it does ‘noise’ quite well), Optimize is really only useful for tools derived from primitives, for which it works well.

The quoted max poly count is 250K, but you can go beyond this depending on your system (RAM etc.)

To optimize a masked area with a parametric object, use a value of less than 100. It will then respect the mask. Optimizig a polymesh is an all-or-nothing operation; masking has no effect.