Pokemon 25th anniversary




Hello everyone! How are you? Today´s Pokemon 25th anniversary (02/27/2021) so, to celebrate the franchise I did a fanart based on Jocelyn Millet´s design! I was looking through the web to do something relative to this date and came across Jocelyn´s design wich I found perfect to represent this day, because Pokemon birth was on 1996 as a videogame and one year later It appears as the anime the majority of us watched back then (with one of the best openings songs for an anime, specially the latin version one wich I grow up with) and in that anime Ash, the main “human” character, was 10 years old when he received his best friend Pikachu from Prof. Oak so… 25 years later, with 35 years, I thinks Ash could be portrayed like this design. Completely sculpt within Zbrush, textures (specially the tatoos) with Substance Painter and rendered with Marmoset Toolbag 4 . You can find more HD images and a turntable video on my Artstation page and here´s my Instagram in case you want to follow me :slight_smile: Hope you like him! Stay safe guys and don´t forget… GOTTA CATCH ´EM ALL!!


Awesome post for Pokémon Day! Dang, at 35, has Ash caught them all!?

Did you watch the presentation, the intro was beautiful …


oh cool photo it’s cool

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Thank @KyleJ39! :pray: yes, I saw it, was awesome indeed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank you so much @Mathasere ! I´m glad you like him! :muscle: :smiley:

Love it, will have to show my son… who is now 17. Dang I’m old lol.

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haha @Wyatt I thought exactly the same when realized that already have been 25th years of pokemon :laughing: glad you like him my friend! thanks :smiley: :pray:

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