Plazma character design

Hi to all at Zbrush Central.

Ahead of our company (PLAZMA) launch in the new year we are starting to post some of our Character design work. Hope you like the work.


The character was sculpted, rendered and textured in Zbrush and composited in photoshop.



Ha! Awesome!

Cool work, i like. :wink:

cool i like the feel love em so much awesomastic

COOL! Great character, good detailing!

The texturing for his shell is really well done. Cute character :slight_smile:

<3 love it! so cute.

[TURTLE](http://vimeo.com/57205031) from [plazma](http://vimeo.com/user833510) on [Vimeo](http://vimeo.com).

Zbrush Turntable render, movie passes composited in AFTEREFFECTS.TURTLE_MASTER.jpg



Hey, nice work! He looks great! I love the coloring and subtle detail. Very appealing.


Super cute!
Very nice work.

Keep it up …

Fantastic job! Love the style!

nice turntable! i love the character, cute!

This is a cool character.

cute char, well done

Love the style of turtle. All the best to you in your new company. :slight_smile:

For PLAZMA: Christian Johnson, Clare Orchard

Client: Tokyoplastic, picasso pictures

Zbrush,3ds Max, Photoshop


i can immediatly see where you got your inspiration : this short animation

once again, i really like how you did the face of this bunny ! :smiley:

edit : fixed, sorry

“i can immediatly see where you got your inspiration : this short animation

Thankyou for your comments. There is nothing showing from the image/movie you refer to in my browser?

Would be interesting to see it?!


sorry, i was dinning and i didn’t realised the code i did put didn’t worked at all ^^;

now it’s fixed by the way ^^;

Cool this bunny ! :wink: