Playing with 3.0(some nude monsters)

Hi My name is Rick Baker. I am a make-up effects artist by profession and a guy who goofs around with CG stuff for fun.I have been playing with ZBrush for two and a half years now and it has changed the way I think about computer modeling.For the past three months I have been beta testing ZB3.0 and all I can say is Wow!

“Master is here” *Kris speaking with Smeagol’s voice.

Great stuff Rick. I love them all but the old man is the best! Love his expression. Lovely work good sir, as usual :slight_smile:


Monstermaker- Absolutely amazing, nice of you to share your work. I can’t wait until I can goof off with this CG stuff and have your type of success. Great images, tremendous details. The old mans mood is stellar. :+1: :+1:

What can i say…it is truely awe inspiring to see your work!

That old man gives me the heebie-geebies. The way he just stares at you. makes me feel like I wronged him in some way!


Ps the bronze biker, reminds me of a gentleman who was both an artist and a biker. Made some very whimsical style painting’s. have to try t remember his name :confused:

Absolutely amazing Rick :+1:

WOW! The old geezer is absolutely amazing - another pic for the inspiration folder and on my desktop. My wife gasped when she walked in the room and saw it. :slight_smile:

I must say its great to see the capabilities of this program in the hand of a humble master.

Great job Mr. Baker. :+1:

The biker dude’s SUPER Cool! Always neat stuff from you Rick! :+1: :+1:

Oh boy … so many riches from you and the other artists in one hit … it’s almost too much! Exquisite work, sir!

Did you use the new layers on your old man? There’s such a tapestry of harmonious flows and folds in the skin. You know, I’ve seen some amazing pieces in this beta forum in the past few hours, but it’s the understated topology of the old guy’s head and neck that I’m going to take away and work on as my personal goal and inspiration. I know what I mean … words … flmbjp

Great stuff, that biker dude is badass. :+1:

All my respect for your works.

That old man looks realy good, great work Rick.

amzing work with the biker!
great stuff as usual :slight_smile:

Rick Baker uses ZBrush!!! I had no idea. Actually, if I think back, I may have realized that at one point, but it didn’t sink in until now.


Rick, I can’t believe that you had to introduce yourself and tell people what you do, surely everyone already knows!

THe images ain’t to bad either :wink:

Love the old man, specially the skin.

It’s somewhat shocking realism, a little exaggerated maybe?
Any case love the maker’s work, all the intricate textures,
including the biker as well :sunglasses:

Oh my G ! Here you go again ! :slight_smile:
Congratulations ! It’s so amazing to have you on-board within digital world, you are doing impressive artworks on CG.

I think my Wacom will crash after so much drooling over, because all this Beta Tester Images…

Congratulations !

Best regards,

It always strikes me Rick that your models don’t have that clean CGI look, but a more rough and imperfect look, which to me is a big plus. Must have to do with your background. I think your ‘goofing around’ is a bit of an understatement. Big compliments!


Thanks everyone. What a bunch of outstanding work everyone has done. I came on board the beta testing bandwagon kind of late and when I checked out what the other testers were doing I was blown away. There is so much talent here on ZBC and Zbrush is a great way to use that talent. 3.0 has so many impressive new features one of the many that I particularry like is that you don’t even have to render. The old geezer and the second image of the old bushwoman are just screen grabs no rendering time what so ever. I did adjust the levels a bit in PS and painted a bit of a highlight on the geezers eye but that is it. I’m also loving polypainting the geeizer and bushman are polypainted . There is so much to love about 3.0 and a lot left for me to learn but I am sure having fun messing about with it.

Thanks Mr Baker for these cool pictures.
Nice to see that you share your amazing work with us “the little people”… :smiley:

Hi monstermaker,
like them all, but the oldgzr is simply fantastic !!!:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
You da man!(just to quote a phrase;) )