Hello, guys! I just finished my project, Pizzicheria.
It was fun to make environments and characters together. Especially, I love the mouse! It’s so cute that he’s showing his cheese to the girl haha.
I made it based on Hyuna Lee 's art. If you haven’t seen her works yet, please check her artworks. She is an amazing artist!

You can see the details here:


3d art by Yon Lee @3d_ylee
Original art by Hyuna Lee

#characterdesign #3dmodeling #animation #3dart #cgart #digital3d #digitalart #3dsculpting #charactermodeling #zbrushart


Sweet, like how you’ve captured the 1950’s gouache feel of the original artwork. :+1:

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Thank you for sharing. This is a great piece. Love the render you did

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This is wonderful. Excellent work! :+1:

That’s a great project! I really like that!

Love the whole concept! Beautifully done!

Of course I love all of the hyper-real portraits, gnarly monsters and super hero vignettes BUT this piece fills me with joy EVERY time it turns up in the ZBrush screensaver slide show. A lightness of touch to a beautiful composition, perfectly realised.

Exceptional piece! Wonderful @noydeaart :wink: