Pixologic User Group Meeting - Montreal

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For those who may not have heard, the next Pixologic User Group Meeting is being held this coming Sunday, November 7! Admission to this event is free, and space is still available for those who would like to come.

The PUG meetings are always a huge success, with ZBrush fans coming together to rub elbows while learning from some of the best artists in the business. For this meting, the line up will be:

:large_orange_diamond: Steve Jubinville, Lead Character Artist at Meduzarts
:large_orange_diamond: Magdalena Dadela from Ubisoft Entertainment
:large_orange_diamond: David Giraud, Principal Artist and Character Supervisor at THQ

The event was planned to take place the day before the Montreal International Game Summit begins, at which Pixologic is proud to be co-sponsoring a very exciting contest.

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We look forward to seeing you at the events!

Happy ZBrushing :slight_smile:





I am hoping that Pixologic will announce a new version of Sculptris. But either way it looks like it will be a lot of fun.

I’ll be there for sure. :+1:

Might want to have one in Staten Island, N.Y…, just sayin.

I would have been there if this had been announced before YESTERDAY…
Wish I could have gone. :frowning:
DG is my ZBrush hero!

Is there somewhere else I should be keeping an eye on for these events?

It was on ZBrush.com for the last week. I only just noticed it here but I think it appears both places around the same time.

Really enjoy being at the meeting. Thanks Paul, Magdalenna, David and especially Steve.

Hope to see you again, I’ll follow all of you on ZBrush Central.


thank you we had a very nice day