Pixologic Release - ZPipeline Guides


The ZPipeline guides written by industry artists guide the novice to advanced user in getting all their ZBrush-rich detail into their 3D animation package of choice. We will be adding more guides in the future. Stay tuned to the ZClassroom for updates. :slight_smile:



zpipeline max download.jpg

zpipeline maya download.jpg

zpipeline xsi download.jpg




Ryan, Thx a lot for posting these Zpipeline Guides and also Scott and Greg for making such helpful guides. :smiley: :smiley:

Have a good one!!!


wow, this couldn’t have come at a more useful time for me. Thanks!

This is really helpful.Thank you guys.:+1:

Looks like someone deleted the Z to 3dsmax pipeline :wink:

Please add 3DS MAX Pipeline.

Many thanks for this!
Would like to point out that Mr. Spencer has
spent a lot of time helping members, especially in this area.
( His thread on Maya displacement alone saved many a hair
on many a members head)
Hopefully this will give him some more time for himself.:wink:

Thanks for all your hard work on this subject Scott, i’ve been following many of your other posts on displacement maps and its nice to see how its developed and all come together in a single PDF.

You’re a great community supporter and a well documented workflow guide between Maya and Zbrush has been long overdue


I couldn’t have said it better! :cool:
Thanks guys!


Hey Scott -
I had a quick look at your ZB to Maya Guide and it looks really COOL! I’m hoping to get back ZB’ing real soon and I WILL be using your guide to help me! :+1:


Great stuff, thanks once again to all the talented contributors.


I’m with volk23 and el-d. Does nobody care about 3DS Max anymore? The Autodesk site boasts about Max’s wide user base–I wonder where these users are? They must not know yet about the awesomeness of ZBrush, but that just leaves us in the dark and out of the loop… :confused:

thanks a lot for that usefull info!

a max pipelien guide would be nice.:wink:


A Max pipeline guide is in the works. It is days away. Maybe longish days. :wink:



Sweeeet! Yeah for Max :smiley:

Thanks Ryan

Max’s pipeline is coming … so one more time i’ve to wait near my computer … It’s not a problem , because i’ve no life since Z :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I’d also like to see a ZBrush to Lightwave guide as well. When it comes to Lightwave, I might find bits and pieces here and there on how to do things, but most of it is either conflicting data or outdated.

BTW, shouldn’t this be a sticky?

Thanks for the kind words guys! The Maya guide was a pleasure to make. So much of the workflow developed from exchanges with other artists (many on this forum) who were willing to share information with me early on. My thanks to them!
I hope the manual comes in handy : )



A pipeline for Cinema 4D should not be too hard since a lot has been said about it here and there. It just needs to be updated to work with the new plugins.

C4D 9.5 reads Zbrush Normal and Displacment outputs just fine. (It’s always been the friendliest 3D app). :smiley: