Pixologic Release - Reference Image 2 - The New Image Plane ZScript


Pixologic is releasing a new extension for ZBrush 2: Reference Image 2!

Reference Image 2 provides an easy way to use reference images while modeling. The eight view buttons means that up to eight separate images can be used. The buttons are named for the six orthographic views and two custom views.

  • Model in ZBrush with up to 8 reference images
  • Switch quickly between views with one button press
  • Save and Load Reference Image projects
  • Quick set up with default positions
  • Many options including thumbnail display of all 8 views
Based on MarcusCivis’s Refence Image 1, this enhancement makes using image planes in ZBrush 2 a snap!

10-02-06: Rev 2 includes a fix when loading a texture from disk.

For installation and documentation visit the Reference Image 2 page here.

Coded by Marcus Civis. :slight_smile:

Happy ZBrushing,
The Pixologic Team




thanks you very much, one more cool update. And always for free; amazing!Matt

you should hire Marcus;) . Zbrush is only half fun without Marcus Plugins. Thank you!

Very cool. Thanks :smiley: … now, about 2.5??? :wink:

This is great. Will these still work in 2.5? Thanks again.

im glad to see this finaily released. Lots of hard work went into this one guys, thanks a million!!


EXCELLENT! Thanks Ryan and Marcus :smiley: :+1:


Cool…Thanks Marcus! Superb as usual.

Yeah!!! Mr. Civis:+1: :+1:

Wow great. Thank you! Was this really posted a week ago and we all missed it?

Yep, we are that distracted. :wink:

This is a must have, even if just for the memo cams (snap shots)



Absolutely fantastic script! Thanks for sharing this!


Thankyou for this, very helpfull.:smiley:

This either doesn’t work for me or I can’t follow the simplest of instructions. (probably the latter)
I select my 3D tool, hit the Front button, and my model isn’t placed on the canvas, a plane is instead. What did I not get here?

Thanks for the comments guys. :slight_smile:

I think you may have accidentally stored the plane instead of your model. Try this:
Make sure your model is selected, you can even draw it on the canvas and enter Edit mode (hotkey ‘T’) or activate the gyro.
Click the ‘Reset All’ button and choose the ‘Reset Model’ option.
Click the ‘Frnt’ [Front] button and proceed with setting up your views.


Yep, my bad! Thanks for that.


this is a great plugin… but its not workin right for me :frowning:

i do exactly as the instructions say, but when i load image… it either wraps onto the model… or a get a blank background with a transparent model?? my images im trying to use are jpg so i don’t think thats where the problem is… any suggestions as to how i get the reference image to show?

Thanks for the hard work, Marcus. Great utility. Before I install this new version, do I need to uninstall the old version or will this install over the old? If I have to uninstall it, how do I do that? Thanks!