Pixologic Interview: Olivier Thill for "Hercule"

Many of you will remember our interview with Olivier Thill (Luxo) about “Henk” – A graphic novel being created with ZBrush and some clever use of its materials system. That interview led to some very interesting things! Because of it, Olivier was recruited by Edition Soleil to apply his techniques in the creation of a twelve-volume comic series. The first book has now been released and we were anxious to spend time catching up with Olivier to get the inside track on this very unique approach to ZBrush.

The story blends Greek mythology with futuristic sci-fi. It’s only appropriate that the art should blend 2D illustration with 3D!

[COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=6]Click HERE for the Interview

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Some Images From the Interview:

Thank you to Luxo for taking the time to speak with us. We would also like to thank Edition Soleiol for the publication of the interview’s images and comics panels, and to Looky for the publication of some of his sketches. Share your comments in this thread!

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…touch! :wink:

Haha, superbe travail…
Impatient d’en voir plus!

Wow, the renders really look lak a drawing! Superb!

Nice article. The comic book looks terrific! Congrats.

Brilliant leverage!

Really inspirational artwork and workflow.

This is exactly why 've been learning Zbrush for the past few months…
Thanks so much for the interview
Now Im more inspired than ever!

Over all maybe my favorite use of Zbrush of all time…great idea, great delivery, great product. Congratulations on the top row but especially for pushing the boundaries of what this medium can really do. Fantastic!!!

I’ll get the version I get but I do hope an English version is also published. This looks awesome.

Awesome work on Hercule! Can wait to see more of your work!

I’ve been really lucky to meet Olivier in Paris (for this interview) and i also have the comic, and it is really awesome, far better to see the panels on papers than a simple screenshots!
I really hope to see more artwork from Olivier in the future!

Gorgeous work. I hope to be able to buy the books sometime.

Excellent travail, félicitation.

Really inspiring!