Pixolator.. Aurick.. Someone up there....

How about starting the “official” Zbrush challenges up again?.. We all love a challenge… Stretch our Zbrush minds and show off what Zbrush can do all in one thread… Plus it’s a great reference for pics… I’ve used the old challenge pics many times for tips or reference… A monthly challenge?

I’m sticking my EXPOSE2 entry pic in here in hopes this thread won’t be booted over to the Community forum… …and is there ANY Zbrush in this EXPOSE?

I don’t know about ur question, but I do like ur pic a lot, I always like to see someone else’s work … :smiley:

We will start challenges as soon as higher priority items are done. :slight_smile:

A few of MARCEL’s Zbrush pieces appeared in the First EXPOSE book.

No challenges until us Mac guys get our update!! Please, pretty please!!

Looking forward to seeing challenges again. Not only fun but a good learning experience too. But I agree, not until the Mac version comes out.

Oh, and I love the cute pic. :wink: