PIXAR style short film

Hello everyone.

After four months locked in a small room I’ve finally completed my short film Baggage. I created the bag character using Zbrush, dynamesh featured heavily in the refinement stages. It was then ported over to May for final tweaks and for things like the wheels and straps to be added

It’s only a couple of minutes long and would love it if you would take a look.


I’d really appreciated it if you could also share it using the share buttons underneath the video. The film with the most shares come the 19th of this month will get entered into the final of the Virgin Shorts competition and will also be guaranteed to be shown at cinemas Nationwide.

Thanks to all the help and support from the following people.

Lisa Keatley
Erasmus Talbot
Sarah Knight
Jim Ovnik
Wirginia Romanowska
Ognjen Tutek
Katrin Albrecht
Leon W Gittens
Steve Rockett
Steve Sampson
Francois Maree
Animation Mentor

Many thanks in advance

Pete B

Just a quick update.

The film is currently in the top 5 of share out of 750 entries. If it gets to number one it will get shown in the cinema!

If you could get time to share it I’d be really, really thankful.

Pete B