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Hello guys!

I’m new to the forum and new to Zbrush.

My name is Daniel, I’m 29.

I decided to make a career change and come back to my first passion, visual art.

Since best way to get better is to get some feedback and critics.

I’ll try to update this thread everytime I can with my future works, hoping I’ll get some tips to improve my modeling skills!

I thank you all in advance for your help! :)


The Gladiator.jpg



Hi everyone,

As an exercise I copied some cartoony concepts/sculpt #1-6, but when I tried to make one without any references I realised that i'm haveing big problems with the face planes (#7)

so I found on the internet pictures with an Asaro head after the first study aprox 40min (if I can call it that, beacause I dont realy know what I should be paying attention at)

Asaro 1.jpg

I decided to go further with the sculpt and I tried to make a realistic portrait - Christopher Walken


Second asaro attempt

Just few things : For the planes shape, that is usually because there is the bones directly under the flesh so you can make a plane surface here. But where the flesh is more plentiful don’t plane it because there is no reason for that so let the shape more round and free. :wink:

Hi jbmonge,
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
I will apply it in my next studies :smiley:

That is my pleasure i hope that will:D help you a little bit on your own creations!

My first anatomy studies

having problems with the legs

Some portrait speedsculpts, 2-3h

head 14.jpg

head 15.jpg

head 16.jpg

head 17.jpg

More speedscult portraits

Head 18.jpg

Head 19.jpg

Head 20.jpg

I started to model the heads with the mouth opened, so that I will have better volumes on the lips,
I dont know if it’s the right thing to do.

Head 23.jpg

Head 22.jpg

Head 24.jpg

Head 25.jpg

Nice sculpts. Keep Sculpting … :+1:

Nice work, Daniel! These are very beautiful sculpts.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

Some anatomy studies I did,

torso 4 f.jpg


torso 5.jpg

Head 26.jpg

Head 27.jpg

Head 28.jpg

Head 29.jpg

My first 3D real-time character, after Hong SoonSang concept.



new year, new project

Please feel free to suggest changes and give me as much feedback as possible
Thank you, :slight_smile:
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More progress


More progress on the pants.
Suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:

Here`s a short update

Almost fnish with the highpoly.

Any critiques are welcome :slight_smile: