Pitiless Pontiff / Magic the Gathering

Hi, zbrushcentral, I found that as 3D has penetrated into every aspect of life, the world of CG has caused me to pay great attention.Especially after seeing a lot of excellent works, those perfect details, high-level aesthetics and the author’s superb 3D skills are particularly shocking to me, so I want to start learning 3DCG.

This is my first CG work “Pitiless Pontiff/ Magic the Gathering”, the same name illustration from ArtStation artist @YongjaeChoi is created for ©2019 Wizards of the Coast.
the picture mainly expresses the theme of Ravnica Allegiance through the three-dimensional sense of light and shadow and character dynamics.
When I saw this illustration, I was deeply attracted by the domineering of the queen in the picture, and the dynamics and shape of the other two characters were also very vivid, so I wanted to express the same domineering feeling in 3D.

The model is basically completed in zbrush, the basic process is dynamesh-zremesher2.0-upgrade refinement, wrap uv, generate normals and Displacements.Rendering is in maya arnold.Below I took a breakdown to explain the flow of my work part.

Finally, I am very grateful to ZBC for providing this platform for us to learn and communicate, and for the guidance and teach of Yang Guang.

For more information, please visit my : Instagram: @yg06 / Twitter: @yuugii0622

final02_16bit2-05 final02_16bit2-06 final02_16bit2-07




You did capture her dominant expression and pose, as well as both of her subordinate submissive posture. Bravo! :clap::clap::clap: Exquisite illustration.

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Awesome :open_mouth:

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WOW! Awesome!!!

Epic! Beautifully done. :+1:

This is awesome! TOP notch :star_struck:

Awesome :heart::heart::heart::heart: