Pitch Dev Studios Official Thread - MOON KONTROL

Fresh off our presentation at the Zbrush Summit 2021 (Thanks Zbrush Dev Team!)

Once in a lifetime there is a very special project that comes. Finch was exactly it from the first read of the script. An arthouse film made in Hollywood. It was a pure pleasure for us from beginning to end. How often do you get to help design the supporting role to Tom Hanks?! Here are a few of the many many many many variations of the design process we went through using Zbrush in combination with painter overs. Zbrush was used for characters, props and environments.

For the Zbrush Community here is an interview of David Levy and Alex Konstad, by Solomon Blair, managed by Yariv Newman

Follow Alex Konstad and David Levy as they talk about the concept art done behind the scene on the Apple Movie “FINCH” starring Tom Hanks.

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Thank you for providing this behind the scenes video hosted by Solomon :wink: and sharing these images and breakdown. I loved the movie, you guys did a spectacular job!!! :trophy:

Really cool compilation of vids and images - thanks for taking the time to post this :sunglasses: :+1: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:!!

So awesome. Thank you for sharing so much.

Hey Everyone it is our pleasure to share with you Moon Kontrol. This is our internal IP of the very first episode. If you missed the Making of the link is below.

Moon Kontrol

“Moon Kontrol” follows the gripping journey of Marcel, a skilled pilot and Jim, a turret gunner tasked with leading a daring mission to a remote lunar outpost. Marcel and his crew must navigate treacherous terrain, facing not only the unforgiving lunar landscape but also the looming threat of sabotage from within their own ranks. With time running out and the fate of the CHillton Construction in the balance, Marcel must confront his own past and inner demons while racing against the clock to uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious incidents plaguing the outpost. Blending breathtaking visuals with heart-pounding suspense, “Moon Kontrol” is a riveting sci-fi thriller that explores the complexities of human nature, the allure of the unknown, and the enduring spirit of exploration in the vast expanse of space.
EPISODE 01" Rouge, rien ne bouge"

Making of Moon Kontrol on Zbrush Live

Directed by: David Levy

Written by: David Levy and Sebastien Espanol

Produced by David Levy and Yariv

Executive Producer: Pitch Dev Studios

Made with Unreal 5

Marcel: Sebastien Espanol

Jim: Jake Eberle

Moon Kontrol: Elise Eberle

Unreal Tech Director: Konstantin Dektyarev

Production Design: Yariv Newman

3D Character Artist: Pablo Munoz Gomez

Animation and Rigging: Igor Melnik and Yonatan Gafni

Music Composer: John Koutselinis

Original Animatic and editing: Thomas Belair

Storyboard artist: Frank Dellafamina

Architectural concepts and models: Marcelo Villabona

Vehicle Design: Scott Robertson

Preliminary vehicle designs: Cody Williams, David Levy

Character Designer: Antonio De Luca

VFX/GFX/Unreal environment/final editing: David Levy

Preliminary 30 Character Design: Joe Grundfast

If you guys have any questions do let us know.