Pitch Black

This is a model I’ve wanted to try for a while. Just doing the basic form and muscularture. I was going to give it a sneer but I think I’ll take it out. THe original has two tails but I decided to stick with one. Constructive C & C are welcome. PitchBlack.jpg

i dont remember the movie so well but that looks, good i like the mausclature around the wing
i am also trying to understand musclature better

yeah looks like that beast from PB :slight_smile:

Close, wings too small, need claws for the feet, believe it had claes on the wings as well. However, it is pretty good base to work from. :wink:

What he said :slight_smile:

Also i dont know how much u got done on the tail but dont forget tail has muscles to, just a heads up not to forget to incorporate some into it.

Thanks for the comments. I do plan on doing more musculature for the tail. I’ve only roughed it out. Will make the wings bigger as well.

Hi, just some references for you, if you don´t have them already, see ya.

PS: All designs by tatopolous studios











Hey! too cool… I always wondered how they looked like…

Thanks a lot for digging those up for me. Lunch time can’t come soon enought so that I can get to work on it. Really appreciate it.

Nasty little critters for sure… :wink:

As my model wasn’t close to what its body shoud look like I’ve updated the body to relect the images everyone was awesome enough to provide. Thanks again. I’m still getting the forms right but will start to add more detail after I’m done that.PitchBlackUpdate.jpg

yea looks pretty accurate, I wonder if these things would really be able to balance in the real world?

More work on the form and also changed thPitchBlackUpdate.jpg e pose to be more menacing.