Pitbull dog speed sculpt

pitbull speed sculpt as a part of my current project,he is actually a little part of ithope you like it guys :metal:


good job dude!

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:metal: tnx mate

Great job @kiarash.tamizkar on the American bullies :+1:

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Nice Work :+1:

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eshghe maaayii kia so goooooooooooooooood bro

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tnx dear JAIME ,i truly love pitbull dogs they are amazing :black_heart:

tnx :metal:

:smiley: tnx buddy ,kheili mokhlesam vahid :black_heart:

Dude your artworks :muscle: :heart_eyes: is my fav style :v:

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:grin: :metal: :black_heart: tnx bro

:metal:thank you so much pixologic team for the top row,i appreciated :black_heart: :black_heart:

Really nice dogs! :star_struck:

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:grinning: :metal: tnx dear alex