Pinup Girl 01

Another quick ZBrush sculpt, rendered in eevee.


original sketch/drawing Shane Glines









S’lookin good :+1:
Seems to be a little artifacting creeping in to the background gradients of the eevee renders.
How are you liking working with it? I’ve heard great things.

Cheers mate, i really like working with eevee its great instantaneous update when you’re tweaking materials great hair shader the only cones that i can think of are lack of refraction but you have cycles for that and maybe some errors/artifacts with shadows, as for background gradient the banding/artifacts its form .jpg compression the raw render is nice and smooth.

Mr V, thanks for the reply. Does Blender now allow you to store libraries of user created or downloaded materials / shaders?

No problem as for library there was planned something for 2.8 for asset management, but it was pushed back to 2.81 or 2.82 if i remember correctly.

Thanks V, interesting news. Some years back I began learning Blender for the purpose of supporting and encouraging kids at our local state schools to utilise cgi. It soon became clear that not having shader libraries as a basis for creation was a pragmatic stumbling block to help teachers and kids get up and running.

No worries, yes good asset management system is very important in every pipeline, i hope Blender devs can cook up something good :smiley: