Pierre Benjamin Sketch Book

hey guyz!
here are my latest Zbrush speed sculpts

more here:


timelapse speed sculpt here:


JOSEPH ur.jpg




PUNK BPR_RenderS00001.jpg

PUNK BPR_RenderS00001.jpg


more speed sculpts!
and more here:

  1. http://pierrebenjamin.cghub.com/
  2. http://pierrebenjamin.com/
  3. http://pierrebenjamin.tumblr.com/

and a timelapse speed sculpt here


recents speed sculpts!
more here

3 hours speed sculpt from a sphere using Dynamesh and then Zremesher!


No way. There is nothing glossy but pearl, metal or glass underwater.

Thought the same thing. Lower render is better but short a gill :wink:

hey guys!
thanks for the feedback;-D
you are right !
I went over board with the reflections on the shader
i got to tweak it!
I shall correct it in the near future;-)

Update on hair and eye brows, next is the rest of the body now!

here’s my Fb Art page

Awesome work! Great style!

thanks man!

Hey guys !
here is my latest WIP
done entirely in Maya anbd zbrush

I need to tweak shaders inside Zb, and also add some texturing details on the laces
otherwise any comments?

WIP Update
still lots to do
more sculpting and all of the texturing will have to be doneproperly

Malcom X caricature speed Sculpt!Using a sphere with Dynamesh/ then Zremesher, polypaint and the topology brush to draw the clothes

malcom z presentation00011.jpg

cool sketchbook dude :slight_smile:

test speed sculpt WIP based on this 2D concept art I found through Pinterest.com

i like this :smiley:

Love it!! Very nice stylisation…cheers

update on my shoe sculpt!
I used noise maker and the topology brush!

Hello everyone here is my latest 2 days speed sculpt project based on Dr Frankenstein monster films from the 1930’s

here is the time lapse of the texturing process:
<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/CMBvLe4-PVQ" allowfullscreen="" width=“420” frameborder=“0” height=“315”></iframe>