Pia Lac - Techno Image

Hello Guys, here’s the new project we worked on here at Techno Image.
We used Zbrush for Character Modeling, sculpting, texturing, BlendShapes and also for some props.

The production took about 1 month and 15 days.
Heres the spot:

And here’s some BreakDown.

Here’s The Print Version.

For more details Check: www.technoimage.com.br




Great works! reminds me of my nephew haha!

very sweet.I like it.:smiley:

Nice work! How many people were on the project in order to complete it in a month and a half? What animation software and render engine did you use?

Thank you guys!
It was about 15 people including Concept artists and 3D artists… we used 3D max and zbrush for modeling, Maya for animation and Maxwell for rendering :slight_smile:

The print version was made on 3D max and Vray as it was 10k pixels render!


Wow a Portuguese ad. And an utterly awesome one!

Great characterizations and animation, quality rivaling Pixar.


Thank you so much EricShawn!!!
I’m really glad you like it… no words to say…
it was actually Brazillian ad :slight_smile:

Awesome work about all. Congratulations Pedro and the Techno Image team.

Thank you so much Zbrush CEntral for the highlight… we’re really glad… here’s some more stuff.

modelo wire.jpgpiawire.jpgnHair wip.jpgwip render 02.jpg

how did you make this hair? it’s awesome! Great job guys!

This is awsome work. thx for sharing!

Excellent work! Love the style of these characters. Really cute! :+1:

excellent work

This is just beautiful. Amazing work

Great work! Love the style of the characters!

Realy love you’re work at Techno Image. Parabéns !!! :wink:


Fantastic work!

Great work guys!