Photogrammetry - Teapot

Teapot photogrammetry with mesh and texture reconstruction. The teapot was photographed using a Canon EOS Rebel XT with EF28-135mm Lens, F5.6 aperture. Meshroom was used to convert the photos and the asset was reconstructed in Maya from one of the scans results. Zbrush was used for model cleanup and transfer polypaint data from the original scan to the reconstructed mesh. Substance Painter was used for color correction, a couple of repairs and some texture reprojections. Final render in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Beauty shot from Marmoset

Mid-level of subdivision used for the beauty render

Zbrush mesh cleanup after projection with the original scan

Transfer polypaint data result from scan to reconstructed mesh

From left to right: Reconstructed asset on lowest subdivision level and the original scans

Screenshot from Meshroom showing the number of cameras used