Phillipine Sailfin Lizard


sailFin_lizard_polypaint_01 sailFin_lizard_polypaint_02 sailFin_lizard_polypaint_03 sailFin_lizard_polypaint_04

Fun project I created while teaching an online Zbrush class for artists at the Smithsonian. Plants are Megascans models.


Excellent work. The tree section is very impressive. I’d love to hear a little about the process you used to create all the amazing details on both the branch and the lizard

beautiful details on the branch and lizard - wonderful job

The lizard was a lot of work, did the scales several times over. However I can’t take too much credit for the tree and leaves, that’s all from Quixel Megascans. I highly recommend subscribing to them, the assets are incredible!

The lizard started as ZSpheres. I modeled the profile using reference images projected on the grid. The scales involved blocking them out with clay tubes. I used Extraction brushes to capture small sections of scales and then covered the body paying close attention to reference. Then I went back and basically refined each and every scale. That took almost all the time. Then I polypainted the scales in ZBrush. If you look up reference you’ll see this animal comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. I refined the painting and created UVs in Maya covering several UDIMS. I brought the UVs back into ZBrush. I brought the palm tree model into Zbrush and posed the lizard on it and then had to go back and fix the distorted scales and other parts and fix the paint. then brought the lizard into Substance, baked textures and did more painting. Then brought everything into Maya and rendered with Redshift. Leaves are also megascans and lighting is fairly simple: HDRI from HDRI Haven and Redshift Physical lights with a little bit of volumetric scattering.

Thanks for the comments!!!

For the eyes I used some human eye models I created a while back since this lizard has human-like eyes. I redid the textures to match colors I’ve seen in reference.

Impressive ,Nice detailing on Coconut trunk tooo!

Great attention to detail!

Beautiful, beautiful work!!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!!

Awesome celebration of nature’s beauty ! :lizard:

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Excellent, I like that you listed the various software used.

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Thanks for sharing with the Mapping Images too. They are excellence!

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