Peter Rubens

Sir Peter Paul Rubens was the most influential artist of the Flemish Baroque tradition.((maker of many art forms that we see on a daily basis ))
.#rubens#peterrubens based on his self portrait seemingly in his 50s 60s or something.
it is Zbrush modeling as always and also substance painter for backdrop and cloth, hat, rops materials and Mari XYZ textures for basic pores of face mixed with zbrush dis map and Maya xgen and Arnold for render.color is mixed of hand paint and 3d scan store albedo.
i could work on it much more but i let it go.
albedo base @3d_scanstore skin pores base @texturingxyz
alittle behind the scenes video

artstation link
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Uploading: peter rubens by vahid ahamdi3.jpg… peter rubens face cropped2

artstation link


Wonderful work! You’ve really captured the great artist. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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thanks alot for kindness dear marcus :heart_eyes:

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love itttt

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Wonderful work and also a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest artists :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!!
His home and studio are only 30mins away from where I live - the visits are always inspiring → He is one of the few who “sculpts with paint”

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thanks alot for kind words yeah peter rubens is very rare rare artist that inspired any generation right after him . damn powerful . again thanks for kind words you are great freind :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Absolutely STUNNING!!!

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faddat pesar

Merci for sharing your Arbeitsablauf. :+1: Great to see an artist of old to be a worthy cause for an CG artist as yourself.

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hiii @VOOLGER thanks alot man for your kindness . i apperciate that :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Wonderful work!!

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hey zhao thanks alot man

Respect! Great work!

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you kind :kissing_heart: thank you

really well done, amazing details :heart_eyes:

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hii bro thanks much :kissing_heart:

Outstanding Work !

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thanks alot you are kind

Extraordinary job! It’s scary how real he seems! By the way how did you do the lace on the collar?

Exquisite work Vahid :+1: