Peter Konig concept translated to 3d

I’ve always loved this concept by Peter Konig. I’ve always wanted to translate it into 3d. I just love this twisted s**t. You can click on the sculpt image for a larger resolution version. I wasnt trying to follow it to the “T” but I definitely want to capture that same magic he had in the concept. Anyways heres a pic of his original concept:

[img]http://www.peterkonig.com/images/2d20.jpg[/img] And heres a pic of my sculpt (click the image for larger resolution image): [[img]http://www.bryansilva.com/images/konig_concept_sculpt/wip01_small.jpg[/img]](http://www.bryansilva.com/images/konig_concept_sculpt/wip01_large.jpg)


Hey Bryan, very well executed translation :+1: - the model I mean… I’m the one who has to translate words :wink: -

My only crit would be that the concept of the head seem to be larger -Y axis wise - man! I have to get out more! :wink:

As I said… very cool :+1:

Take care and keep on posting

What matterial are you using? looks fabulous

Nicely done, sir.:+1:

Thanks guys! I think your right about the length of the cranium. The material is that RS_GreyClay its just that I tweaked the levels in photoshop.

Heres a gif of the levels.

wow amazing job.
I’m just curious as to how did you model those “holes” on the skin using zbrush? I posted a thread in Q&A , and the answer I get is that it’s not possible in zbrush… But I’ve seen people around doing it. Mind sharing some insights? I want to make a piece of old cloth with some irregular holes on it. thx in advance!

WOW! This is awesome!! :eek: Are you gonna post a texured version?

that’s like disgustingly good… love the material too, is it one of your own?

Excellent work man, seen that concept art before. Did u do thing over the mouth area stretching from the nose under the eyes to the jawbone(the last level to show up) with the layer brush?

wow ya did such a creepy cool job of sculpting that so close to original that I will have to fall upon my sword should you not finish your homage!..love the gif animation!

iiooii - if you look at the gif above you will see the base mesh I used, stepped up to the point at which I decided it was time for the skin/flesh mesh to carry the rest of the details. So at that point I stepped back down in levels on the base mesh to a subdivision level that was low enough for zbrush to use when I rotate the mesh. You know, how zbrush shows a lower subdivision level as you rotate the model. I went down to a level that was low enough to be used as that, but also high enough to carry details of a holes and what not. I painted a mask over the base mesh that had holes and chaos roughly representing the concept. I then mesh extracted it and began tweaking and brushing it into the desired shape. I was able to subdivide it up to carry the details, but because I had extracted it at a lower subdivision level, zbrush still was able to rotate smoothly as I worked.

anandpg - Im not sure if I will texture it. Im still scratching my head on how I would be able to pull of this translucent look of the concept off in a shader. :slight_smile:

Whistler - The material is that RS_GreyClay material. I just adjusted the levels of the screenshot in photoshop.

subedei - no layer brush involved in this creation. Just used some of my brushes I created and made available to this forum before. Heres a link: My custom brushes

aminuts - Hahahaha thanks man. I just gotta do the boring suit bust now to called it done.

[wip01_thumb.jpg] (just to get another thumb up on the fake top row) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you ! Now I can begin scupting my character’s cloth!

No problem, thats what forums are great for, sharing techniques.