Perseus and Medusa

Here’s my latest sculpt, and the first of the new year. I had so much fun on this one, again trying to work on my anatomy skills and push myself a bit. The initial sculpt was based on the Medusa character alone, but I felt I needed to add Perseus to finish the composition. Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


Great sculpt! Thanks for sharing =)


This is really amazing! An old time sculpt modernized with today’s technologies. The master would be proud!

You really captured this piece with each angle! Beautiful

kind of curious how you did the gold texturing :slight_smile:

beautiful piece. Thank you for posting.

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback guys :slight_smile:

In regards to the texturing, @Pixo_Daisuke , I used masking by cavity and AO to polypaint a black and white mask, the model polypaint was then used in 3ds max as a mask on a Vray Blend between a custom marble and gold shader :slight_smile:

Belongs in a museum. Great work!