Percevans SketchBook

Hi all! Decided to start a new thread to post all my works in. Starting off with a new piece of an asian female. C&C are most welcome.




Very sweet face and great clothing details.

really beautifull, nice work :slight_smile:


Among all these nice zbrushcentral entries, this work has something special an appealing.
It has a very natural touch and looks very human.
The face skin seems a bit too regular for the final kick, on the other hand it’s exactly like asian make up…

I love it.

very cool!I like the natutal feeling that you brought to the final render!here did you render it?

Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked her!

Raiden.D - I used V-ray to do the final render. Post in photoshop and After effects.

This is a new Project i´ve been working on. It´s a painting for my nephew who´s really into armor and rodents :D. It´s still a WIP so any C&C are welcome!

Render in 3ds Max (vray).




Very cool, i like the very serious style ^^

Problem for me : i thought the leaves were water until i saw de screenshot below.

that is one awesome idea and one awesome image! I love it!

Takai - Thanks! But the concept is not my own though. It´s from an unknown artist I found when googling around.

wildduck - Glad you liked it! Thanks for the input on the leaves. Hopefully its better in this update, but I plan to add some extra details later on.


Here is an update. Close to final now! :wink:



really nice work! :slight_smile:
I especially like the mouse on the right, it looks so cute! :slight_smile:
for me it looks to much like a studio render though and the leafs and the hazelnut are too shiny

Great characters!

Fantastic Work! How did he do and rendered the fur ?

The concept is by Johannes Holm.

Thanks all for the kind words! And Veehoy I appreciate the name of the concept artists. I have been looking for that!

lightmansor - It´s rendered with V-ray and 3ds max.

Here is the steps:

  1. Fibermesh in Zbrush and exported as curves (Use the “FastPreview” slider to controll the percentage of fibers to export)

  2. Import to Max and use the “Recomb from splines” button from the Tools menu in the “hair and fur” modifier.

  3. Edit the Frizz and Kink parameters to achieve the specific look you are after.

  4. Apply vray hair material (Vrayhairmtl) and use your polypainted diffuse texture from zbrush as “Overall” (“VrayHairinfotex” is a great way to mix up the root-to-tip color for a better result)

Here is a some printscreens from my process on the squirrel tail




Holy … this is some serious fur.

Thanks so much for your workflow!
Beside sculpting you have excellent rendering skills.
It seems there is almost no way around V-Ray if you want a flexible renderer for animation etc.
But to get it to your point…well buying zBrush didn’t made me a better artist from one day to another :slight_smile:

It’s such a cool scene.
Done by you it looks so easy - lets one easily forget how much time is needed to come to this point.

Congrats. Very well done. Hope you nephew know what he’ll get there :wink:

About critic - well this is hard for such a brilliant piece, but as my son is 13 now, I am still into this boy stuff. (hopefully will never stop :wink: )
What I miss from this point of view is the collective focus or a better feel of community.
Your characters are looking to be there together but everyone on it’s own.
All of them have a different focus, not targeting one aim or looking closely connected.

Boys love if they gain strength through community.
I remember one birthday when he screamed to his friends:“All against my daddy!” and suddenly I was in a fight with a horde of pirates. :smiley:
They really love to gain strength when joining together. (Same if someone posts here on ZBC and really got a comment :wink: )
Saying this, in my opinion one focus of all of them would strengthen the picture for your nephew, even if it fulfils all kinds of stereotypes :wink: Doesn’t matter if they focus together of against an invisible enemy.
I just made a picture search for the musketeers i.e. but it’s also the same if you search for “Jakers” :smiley:

So it is just a point of view and I try to find it from a boys point of view, even though it is interesting if your composition which is finally different.



jaw dropped.this is awesome.;):wink:

Ice Age-style fur. Excellent!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: