Paykoman's Slechbook

Hi guys… Im new here.

I start Zbrushing for a week or so and i really would like to now your opinion about my beginner tries so there’s the 1st one… nothing spectacular.

I’m gone w8 your critices and tips :wink:

Ty aswell. :slight_smile:


Creature Zbrush.jpg

There’s a new update of my 1st modeling in Zbrush… Many work to do yet but i think it goes well :smiley:


Any coment or suggestion is welcome :wink:

Some fresh new updates… Really don’t know about the tubes at back… Really would like to see ur oppinions if possible…


Ty for ur time… Wait for some sugestions and tips :wink:

Hi guys…

Sry for boring u but i really would like to see some oppinions about my 1st attempt in zbrush and some critics just to help me go forward and learn a bit more if possible.

I know that my 1st try is not amazing :slight_smile: specially in comparation with all that amazing staff here in forum so if possible i will ask some critiques and tips :wink:

Ty very much. Good Year of 2014 for all.

Hi guys…

After the 1st try in Zbrush its time to start a new onem or trying new one :slight_smile:

This times is my favorite champion of League of Legends Fiddlesticks and there’s the 1st pick of my try:


Any critique or suggestion is welcome… :slight_smile:

Ty for ur time helping a Newbie that want to learn more :wink:

New update for my fiddlesticks character :slight_smile:


Appreciate some coments and tips :slight_smile:

Looking good,but I feel their edges are not very clear,can you show some wires to us?


Ty for kind coment. After i check the wire i really see that is a mess :smiley: a lots of polygroups in wrong areas, specially in fiddlesticks :smiley: … there’s a pick…

creature wire.jpgfiddle wire.jpg

For that i think i really need to group the correct polygroups in orther to fix that problems right?

Ty again for the tips :wink:

Hi guys and happy new uear… :slight_smile:

So im here to show u a new update in my Fiddlesticks attempt now with some color on it


Wt u guys think about it?

Thx all!!!

Hi guys :slight_smile:

There are more tests in to the colors… Need to improve a lot but there’s the 1st trys :slight_smile:


Any coment or tip are welcome :wink: really need it

New update in color of my creature :slight_smile:


Hope u like :wink: coments welcome