Patrick Evrard -Sketchbook

Well I had a lot of fun with the last twisted horror challenge I thought I create my own sketchbook thread. I will post some current work and previous work in here now and then. After the challenge I thought I finish up an old project of mine I did for the steampunk challenge way back. I wanted to get to learn a bit of the hard-surface modelling in Zb. Here are some images been working on the head. we will see how it goes :).



Here is the rest of the body

here is the model i started from as I mentioned it’s from way back and it was supposed to be steampunk

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So cool! :+1:

Thx asecbrush!
Unfortunately something little came in between and had to put the robot on hold. I did a few keyshot renders thought.

As I mentioned it’s a sketchbook so it is ok to switch gears I guess.
Here is a character I am working on for the moment its for a local challenge.
This would be a kid app where two kids ride a magical roller coaster through different worlds.
I started from a previously done character I did for the birth card of my daughter.



Here is the concept art I made of the tittle screen. I used the renders I made before in Maya and overpainted them in PS to quickly create the mood.
The tittle is just a working tittle for the moment :).



great stuff.
i like your characters

groeten uit gent, :wink:


I love ur stuffff those girls look so georgeous and sweet, :D:lol:

Love the colors and concept! Can’t wait to see the app!

@patpotlood kleine wereld hé :slight_smile:

Thx for the comments.
I thought I might aswell post the original I did back then :). The main sketch was done in ZB retopo’ed in Topogun and rendered in Maya using Mental Ray.
Looking back at it I changed a few things the open mouth gives much more character and expression and the smaller arms makes her more kid and less baby.
I tested posing them and doodled a pig that turned out to be sheep :slight_smile: as a stuffed animal: Milton. There is also a turntable but the compression messed it up quiet a bit.

Cute model but her face seems kind of dead. You need to do something to give her more life.

Still, it’s a great model.

Yeah I kind of get what you mean all though I can’t really finger point where the problem lies.
I don’t know if you mean the old (rendered) one or the new screen grabs or both :).
Here is where I stand now I have them both in one scene exported it to keyshot to give it a try.
Hope there is already a bit more live in it :).

The clothing and textures are really nice! I also like the untied shoes.

Took a break from this project to enter the comicon challenge which is also a lot of fun:

I am basically redesigning old cho from the DOMU comic. from the maker of Akira.
I am going for Japan stylized version of him here are some stills.


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cool concept and nice sculpting :smiley:

Thx suresh15!

Totaly digging this man !

THX Aleksandar

Here is an update of the comicon character:

I also checked out some other works of yours on vimeo… great great stuff indeed

I especially loved the old man ! which software you used for that one ? subtle animation and great toon render. truly great. Would love to know more about animating as well as your render approach.

Cheers and I will for sure keep an eye on your posts

THX Aleksandar well it seems I already have quiet a lot of old dudes :slight_smile:

Great, thanx man.
I would like to ask more about stuff but gotta research myself :slight_smile:
anyhoo, nice progress, however I think you should pay attention to his ear position, seems a bit off.

Keep up with it man !