Password reset doesn't work

I was trying to log in with my old forum credentials, but it didn’t work. Maybe the old password was too short for the new forum.

Anyway I tried resetting the password - this didn’t work either, I got no confirmation email. Checked spam.

Signing up for a new account (this) using the same email account worked however. I got a confirmation email this time.

Just to let admins know, maybe there’s an issue with confirmation sending when resetting the pw.

All users coming from the old ZBC have to do a password reset. This is because the new forum uses different rules.

I did just check and there is no account on the old ZBC using this same email address. So your account had to actually be under a different email address. I bet that if you were to log into and view your profile you would see that the email address is indeed something different.

Indeed. Did never think I signed up THAT long ago (when I was still using that email)
Sorry for the noise.

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