Parametric Primitive Study

Seems like many of the best things done in zbrush to me are done with combining parametric primitives, and that the art of creating complex forms by combining simple things is under appreciated.

The challenge then, is to create interesting items out of paramentric primitives using the initializers, deformers, masks or whatever, and to share how you did it with a script and/or instructions on what you did. Post either simple or composite objects, whatever suits your fancy.

Thanks for looking, and to start things of, here is a wizard-robe sleeve created with the sweep 3d tool and a little bit of the move & standard brushes. Sorry in advance for the multiple saves at the end of the script.


OK here’s two beginner level tuts for making simple smooth shapes from a sphere and a cone.




Those are great. I’ve tried a couple in the interim and failed pretty miserably. I wonder if I should post anyway.

Later after I had shut off the computer I was thinking that your flower sort of reminds me of the psychic sensor from the movie Akira.

Here’s a quickie sort of shoulderpad/shawl made from a ring 3d.


It wasn’t really meant to be a flower I just called it that. It was just to show how it’s possible to make very interesting shapes by moving single points on very low res mesh using radial symmetry. Also try turning off one or both the Sh or Sv in the display properties.

I noticed the display properties you mentioned. They look interesting. I thought the way you tweaked the whole thing around was worth watching.

I was also thinking that the “shoulder pad” might be better with fewer vertical sections. It would probably flatten out more easily.



Setting the “subdivision” in the initializers to 6 really helped in the flatten stage. :+1:

I hope the scripts work OK. First time doing this.

A simple goblet and wine bottle with the sweep tool.
The trick to closing the gap in the neck of the goblet is to pull the points on that part of the curve all the way to the left and then create the neck between with the thickness slider.

To get a flat bottom on the bottle required raising the resolution to its hightest level

Now go pour yourself a glass.
The masking ect. with the goblet were to smooth the profile and I wanted the top edge of the glass smoother than the edge of the bottom.

I think I will, and then I’ll check the scripts out tomorrow.