Pan's Head

Great job! Loved the movie too. I think you did him justice!

Awesome work, Gabe. Really looks sharp!

Great movie, and great work. Keep it up.

Great job Skelton2000!
Could you post the alphas you used please? :smiley:

Keep walking…

:+1: :+1: :+1: Great job gabe your an amazing sculpter and a true inspiration! its great to see how you embraced zb! and grown so fast!
your hard work shows. Keep it up!

Thank you ,everybody for your encouragement.The alphas I used for the face came with ZBrush3,under the folder “GnomonAlphaLibrary”. The one I used on the horns was custom made very simple,black and white lines(scratch_0002) for the neck area I used a photo of one of my trees texture.Then just scale and rotate them up and down,left and right .That’s it. :wink:

Leathery Skin99.jpg


Leathery Skin79.jpg



seriously cool first digisculpt gabriel
i’ve seen you working on it a bit but i’ve never seen the sculpted piece :slight_smile:
hope you’ll do more of them pretty soon an if you can come by my cubicle i would like to see your work in depth



beautiful work with textures that make me want to reach out and touch the screen.