PaintStop - Information, Installation & FAQ

Note: all plugins are now included with the ZBrush 4R7 installer. If you did not install a plugin then run the installer again.

For the latest information see the online docs here : http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/zbrush-plugins/

Have you ever been doing something and just gotten an urge to grab a pencil and doodle?
Or had a great idea that you wanted to get on paper before it faded?
Or maybe just find yourself in need of a creative boost?

Then, PaintStop is for you!

    PaintStop is a quick and easy pit stop for your creative mind.  

Whether you’re racing against a deadline or in a hurry to get an idea on paper,
this convenient plugin is one of the quickest and easiest ways to express yourself.

PaintStop will configure your user interface and settings to give you the feel of using real world art tools.
In addition to the many brushes, pencils, and paints that are available in PaintStop, you can choose from
a variety of different canvas types to change the look and feel of your final piece.
Create fine works of art with the following tool types.
Charcoals / Pencils / Erasers / Pastels / Markers
Air Brushes / Inks / Water Colors / Oils / Gouache
Smudge / Color Blend / Palette Knife / Blur / Sharpen
Dodge / Burn / Saturate / Clone

    [i]See <b>P</b>aint<b>S</b>top in action...[/i]
      &lt;center&gt;&lt;iframe src="http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/features/PaintStop/PaintStop.html" frameborder="0" height="595" width="834"&gt;&lt;/iframe&gt;

Learn even more about PaintStop by visiting the PaintStop feature page.

:large_orange_diamond: This plugin is available with ZBrush 4R6.

:large_orange_diamond: Installation

The plugin is automatically installed with the standard installation of ZBrush.

:large_orange_diamond: Frequently Ask Questions

Q: I don’t see PaintStop in the Document palette.
A: If you did a custom install of ZBrush then run the installer again and make sure you install the PaintStop plugin.

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First off, thanks so much for the fix. PaintStop now launches. :smiley:
Secondly, I would like to apologize to Support for posting outside this thread.
So, once again, this is just a confirmation that the recently uploaded PaintStop Plug works fine.

Thanks again.


Installed Paintstop, it shows up in documents alright but when I start it up I get this warning: [attach=209168]ScreenShot001.jpg[/attach]

Can somebody help me with this please :qu:



What was your problem, what did you do to fix it?
I’m experiencing the same thing rolilli does.

I’m running on win 7 64 bit version

Yes, apologies for this, a last minute oversight. The current version will work on the Mac. A PC version will be available for download later today.

Thank you for the info Marcus, pretty fast reaction :+1:

Same as the screenshot above, but for the mac.
Hope that the plug has been updated for the PC.
Probably has been by now.
Happy ZBrushing.

I downloaded the version PaintStop_4_05 this afternoon, but I still get the same problem as I did with the _4_04 version. Is this not the new update? I’m not in a huge hurry to use it, but I would like to have the correct version installed when it is ready. Thanks, Marcus, for your tireless efforts on this plugin.

Also, on a side-note, who is responsible for creating UVMaster?? I want to give that guy a big ole smooch. That plug-in is amazing.

Does not work on my pc eighter, getting the same popup I had before

I get the same problem

Hi folks,

As of August 18 the plugin has been updated. Anyone having PaintStop fail to start should download the latest version from the Download Center.


Worked like a charm. Thanks Marcus!

Thanks a lot!

I cannot apply a hotkey to the scroll button. I can, using Ctrl + Alt, and when i mouse over it, shows the hotkey bound to it, but it simply doesn’t work.

Which means i have to go up to the to right to use it. But because i have my tablet using one monitor, if i try and scroll right i cant because my tablet is using one monitor of two leaving no place to scroll.

If i could bind a hotkey it would eliminate this problem.

It’s not possible to assign a working hotkey to the Scroll button. (This is true for ZBrush, not simply PaintStop.)

What you can do is use the spacebar to bring up the quick menu. Position your cursor over the Scroll button on the quick menu then click+drag to scroll the canvas.

Yep, that works, thanks marcus.

Is there any chance i can adjust the position where the menupop ups from. (the spacebar menu)

Any value i can adjust in some Zscript ? Because its a little inconvenient. Not only for paintstop but for the rest of Z. I dont really need to it to popup under drawsize since i use the [ ] or using the S key.

Thanks for the fix Marcus, it works for pc now :+1:

great plug-in, i’m looking forward to use it!
i have a problem opening the pdf documentation…

Thanks, glad this is working as this plugin is one of my favourite. It really takes zbrush to new levels IMO.

Actually, im quite curious seeing blend modes now for materials and rendering… does the mean we may see ‘layers’ and blend modes in Paintstop?

Thanks for all the hard work :slight_smile:

Hiya. I have unzipped paintstop into my zdata/zplugs folder and it wont load in zbrush. When i go to load the plugin it says the required .dll file was not found in the correct location. I have the file paintstop_4 and the folder Paintstopdata4 in my zplugs directory. Is this the right place? I tried to take the 4 off of the directory since the other pluggins in zplugs dont have a 4 on them but that keeps zbrush from loading so guessing thats not it hehe. Any help would be very appreciated. Later

UPDATE: Figured it out. One post said to put it in the zdata/zplugs folder. found another that said zstartup/zplugs. zstartup worked. Sorry for my newbyness