P O N G S T A H 's WIPs

I’m going to put all my wips in this thread to keep things organized.


The ear of the gun samurai is beautiful. It caught my eye as a thumbnail in the Forums header, it’s so well done. The entire sculpt is great, but that ear is excellent.
(And no, I’m not some ear-fetish person! :lol: )

i love the look of that blood, mind if i ask how that was done?

C-Mad: Thanks! Are you sure you don’t have an ear fetish? :smiley:
I modeled the ear with the base mesh before I imported it into ZBrush. It
actually looks too rigid to me, I’m going make it look more organic.

Digital_Vulture: Thanks! You're the first one to appreciate the blood! Everybody says it looks like car paint and it does kinda look like paint because of the shader. I made it by first masking the shape of the blood from the hires level of my model I then used the extract button to separate it into another subtool.

Here’s an update on my Samurai. I’m going to bring this head into Unreal 3 when It’s finished. Please feel free to paintover these images if you have suggestions on improving it.




the blood reminds me of the blood orbs from the diablo series actually, thats probably why i like it

Made the face less stylized. The armor is just a quick ZBrush sketch and will be replaced once the design is finalized.


People said he doesn’t look asian so I tweaked the eyes and cheekbones, I also added more wrinkles and scars to make him look older. I think this head is almost done, just have to fix the transition between the skin and hair then I’ll proceed to retopologizing and making the lowpoly game ready version.


Very cool work! Keep on rocking!
Best regards, Selwy

hey man!! i like this, nice textures and great render! what your used for render?

dude i dont knwo wat others r saying…but i love ur work man…
that gargoyle and the blood looks cool…
and the samurai…i guess even with a silhoutte i could have asuumed thats its an asian chap…
best of luck bro…

the latest image of the samurai made a huge improvement as compared to the early stages but you may try sinking in the hair some more beside the ear.

Wicked !

I like the expression in your work, very hatefull. And design and sculpting are great ! Keep on. :wink:

selwy: Wow Thanks! I’m a big fan of your work. Your sculpt are inspirational to me. I created a link to your website on my blog, hope you don’t mind.

3dzeiro: Thanks! I used ZBrush best render settings. I rendered separate passes then composite and tweaked in Photoshop.

neozerahan: Thanks! Appreciate your comments.

Batang_Noypi: Ah yes there’s a gap there. Thanks for pointing it out.

HellGrind: Thanks! I wanted him to look like he’s been through a lot of battles.

Almost forgot about this thread. Adding my recent characters here.

This is a bit older.



And my more recent sculpts.

New face sculpt