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Hi everyone,
After 3 months of work I managed to free up some time to finish a small personal project that was beginning to drag on (containment has its good side smiling_face ).
This project started with a desire to make a likeness portrait of Jeremy Irons who switched to the creation of the character of Adrian Alexander Veidt aka Ozymandias from the Watchmen comics.I chose to do this switch because of a happy coincidence that a few weeks after I started working on it HBO launched the Watchmen series with Mr. Irons.
For the technical part now.I mainly use Zbrush, Marvelous designer and Maya for all that is modeling. Mari, Substance painter and also maya nodes and Texturing xyz to create the textures and micro details. Xgen for Groom. Arnold and maya for the shaders and finally photoshop to readjust renders.
Thank you for your time!