Overwatch Characters Art Dump


Superrrrrrrrrrrr Awesome work!!

brutal awsome

thanks for sharing, must have been hardcore work to develop each of these characters. grats

Amazing work, thanks for sharing all those images!


I really hate the game, but you did some fantastic sculpts! awesome! thanks for sharing.

How to achive that clean polished mesh? Do you have any tips, tutorials, techniq.I Love your work :+1:

Thanks for sharing. These are really clean looking characters.

However, what was the reasoning behind the crazy long legs on every female character?

Super clean! Are all the high poly’s made in the β€œA” pose instead of the β€œT”? Anyway to release that awesome brown Matcap?

Amazing work.
I just wondering if you could send me the Ganymede bird model as a STL or OBJ File.
The Ganymede bird i made for my overwatch Bastion computer is not that great, and would love to 3D print the orginal bird and use it for my computer.
This computer works great for playing overwatch and has a Intel i5-6200U CPU, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD.

Here is a video of my computer. would be awsome if you could help me.

<iframe width=β€œ560” height=β€œ315” src=β€œhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/Eccyt8bHAz4” frameborder=β€œ0” allowfullscreen="">

This is super inspiring and beautiful work. I too would love to see how you guys achieve such clean models :slight_smile:

Amazing models. I am a huge fan of this game. I play it almost every day.

Do you have a Reinhardt without armor?

Absolutely beautiful work!

I love this game to pieces and stumbling upon this totally made my day! Any chance we could see some of the concept art used to model these beauties out?

Lovely work from all involved! :slight_smile:

Wow gorgeous work, any chance I could get that material. :slight_smile:

Great modeling, very clean.

Awesome work! If its okay to ask, what is the material that is being used in those pics? Its a great look.

good! art!!!>3<