Overmind82 Workbooks

Hi! Recent rapid made a steamy Christmas girl. Rough on some color.




No draft. Not set.
Only arbitrary ideas.

The Beholder:p


This is my work three years ago. Surface modeling
ps: I was the proportion of people not very good grasp

Produced half of the Black Dragon head model. After few days I will finish it! Distribution of these works and we hope to communicate. We hope to give an opinion Thank you!

And continue to increase the details! I was drawn dragon horn. But is cumbersome and tedious. Angle of this structure when dealing with dragons. Are there any easier way.

So really awesome stuff here! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

An orc! Ha ha!

You seem to have broken your thread with your very large images. Can you upload reduced sizes in the thread and link to the high-res ones?

Function is not very familiar with, simply send map. My composition is poor, ha ha! I will pay more attention to, thank you.

A one-hour sketch! elfmale!

Through the corrosion host brain to control host masks of evil!


i like that oni mask! keep it up man. have you joined lunchcrunch?

What is lunchcrunch? I don’t know. Can you tell me?

Elf Female

Seems somewhat masculine to me.

give the ears another pass. i like the features & don’t think it’s to masculine.

Thanks for all the advice. Feel like men, perhaps because I face cloth too thin. But I found that if the face be too full like the traditional elf, it’s a long long ears of human. On the ears, I do not detail the production of it. The ear has been my weakness, ha ha, I want to strengthen its cognitive structure!

The modified ear