Out of the shadows.

I love not looking in here for a few weeks. The amount of high quality work being posted now is just inspiring. I’ve been tied up for a while on various jobs and thought I’d better just pop in and say howdydoo.


damn! nice anatomy the lightning is hella great :eek: damnz O_O!.. I have get inspirations from people like you, but with a 285MB or Memory and 1.5GHZ in a Athlon 1800, you cant do much to this level x.x

And a big howdydoo to you 2 stranger. Glad to see you back. Was wondering what had happened to ya. Also glad to see that you havent lost your edge. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Really nice southern. glad to see you’re back mate!

Nice detail!!! I LOVE IT!!! :smiley:

nice modeling!! :+1:
I have a question about ure lowpoly mesh, have you working on ZB2 or over soft?

First test ZB2^=^> Rhino(féroce…not so)

…so this year for Xmas, if you would’nt mind, just gift wrap some of your amazing talent.

cool display layout!

Very cool creature! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Welcome Back southern buddy!
Nice lowpoly/hipoly work!

I am particularly fastiated with the low poly/edgeloop structure and I am sure you know why. Beautiful job. But of course the hipoly is delicsh too. Very inspirational!

Thanks for popping in to say howdydoo and posting another GFX goodie. :wink: :+1:

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet :cool:

hey Southern! glad you stopped in! excellent model as always. i too would like to know what program u used for the low poly, it looks great. thanks for the inspiration! stop back in whenever u can!


YES, yes, southern :+1: :+1:

great work
love it
what did u use for the low poly, was it made in Zbrush or imported from a diffrent package

Work like this brings a big grin to my face, fantastic!

Top notch, Glen. Gotta love those feet! 50.

Well here’s a shocker…Glen doing something bad ass. :wink: Looks great! I love the base mesh too.


Nice work Glen! I’d hate to run into that guy on a dark night…