Ouran sketchbook

Hello everyone,

My name is Vincent Ménier and I’m a young artist living in Montreal. I’ve been reading ZBrush Central and enjoying everyone’s work for years now and I’ve decided to show you my work as a beginner.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give me any advice. I’m very open to criticism since I want to learn and grow as an artist.

To sart off, I first studied a model from Nick Zuccarello that he named Manimal. I’ve learned a lot of the basics of sculpting while sculpting this awesome design.


Then I wanted to give a shot at making an original design. I fell in love with the work of the artists at Arkane studios on the game Dishonored so I tried creating my own Dishonored character. The art on the back is owned by Arkane studios and I’m taking no credit for it.





Hi Ouran it’s great work !
Your colonel is really good ! :+1:

Nice studies : )

Thanks a lot guys. I’ll try to post some more stuff soon !

Hello ZBCentral !

It took a while but I’m back with a study of a celebrity. Have a guess at who it is and feel free to comment.

Your advices are more than welcome :slight_smile:


Is it Bones, Emily Deschanel?

Grace Kelly?

You win my good Sir !

I’ve started a bust of an american indian a few days ago. It’s only a WIP but I’d like to share it to get some wise feedback.

Hopefully, it’ll help me make it better in the next steps :slight_smile:


Nightly update. I’m really having a great time sculpting this elder man.


Nice sculpts here… My fav’s still the first one!

Thanks a lot. I really like your Lady of Naga by the way ^^

I think I’m done with the character alone now and will move on to making some props and hair for him. (bigger image)

Feedback is most welcome as always. Please hammer me so I can become a finer blade :wink:


Great render and sculpt man.

Thank you very much, it means a lot to me.

I love the lips and the overall feel of the character but i think the wrinkles could be deeper, and the bridge of the nose feels to prominent to me

Thanks Doggy 7 :slight_smile:

The nose feature is a choice I made early on but I will look into the depth of some of the wrinkles !

Here is a one hour sketch that I did to take a little break of my american indian bust. I believe I’ll learn to sculpt faster if I force myself to do those one shot time limited sketches on the side of larger projects.

Feedback always welcome :slight_smile:


Great job. :+1:

Thanks a lot Robert. I’m coming back with more stuff soon !