Otto Mentalis - Psychonats 2

I started working on Psychonauts 2 in early 2017 as one of the main two 3D character artists on the game. Our lead 3D character artist, Dave “Rusty” Russell, the artist who worked on the original Psychonauts, let me have fun and pick some of the characters I was more eager to sculpt. Majority of Psychonauts 2 characters are designed by Scott Campbell [also known as Scott Lava] . Nathan Stapley [also known as Bagel] did the majority of the color passes.

All the characters are made from scratch based on Scott’s quirky design, having asymmetrical bodies, facial features, weird body shapes, and proportions. As much as it was making the life of Adam Kelsey [our technical artist] harder it was more fun for me!

First sculpted in Zbrush, then retopoed in Topogun, UVed and finishing the low poly in Maya, hand painted textures in Substance painter, and finally tuned in Unreal Engine 4.
Otto Mentalis is one of my favorite characters that I sculpted in early 2018. I hope you enjoy this.

Otto Mentalis Zbrush Sculpt Time-lapse Video

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