Other Apps: Can UV MAPPING be done after the high resolution model has been sculpted?

Yes. All you need to do is go to subdivision level 1 and import the version of the base mesh that has the UV’s that you want. Do this before you create your displacement or normal map. Alternatively, you can apply one of ZBrush’s mapping methods.

Respected aurick,
wht s ur suggestion for a production pipeline …would i unwarp the base model to maya( we r using maya/zbrush)and group to maya then come to zbrush and made the high detailing and then goback to maya puting the normal and displesment map or we do the AUV or Guv in zbrush than to do noting n maya .

I’ve tried to do this but every time most of the higher res mesh is turned into spiky mush!:confused:

-I have 4 uv groups
-All the polys are welded and none overlapping

… Is there another way of doing it? :qu:

Hi any type of help would be good, I created a model in Maya 2008 and then exported it as a obj. format then started sculpting on the geometry without realizing i hadn’t fully laid out the UV’s. Is there a way change/swap the UV’s for the High-Res sculpt with the revised UV’s I made in Maya. I also made different copies of the Model with the revised UV’s in Maya just for back up!! When I tried to put it pack in Z-Brush it didn’t keep the subdivision i had in the earlier High-Res. Is this because i changed the name of the obj back-up(s) each time i renamed it?