Other Apps: Can I bring an ENTIRE SCENE into ZBrush?

If you export multiple parts of a model or scene from another application, you can import them into the SAME polymesh3D tool in ZBrush (provided that you haven’t added any subdivision levels). Here are the steps:

  1. Import part of your object into a “fresh” Polymesh3D tool. This will rescale and offset the imported mesh, and the transform data will be stored within the tool.
  2. Clone the tool. This will create a duplicate of it with the exact same transformation data.
  3. Import another part into this new tool. ZBrush will replace the original geometry with the new model, but will use the original transformation data.
    Repeat 2 and 3 as necessary for all of the parts that you want to bring into ZBrush.
    Now you have two (or more) tools that have been identically transformed. When drawn on the canvas, they will have the exact relative size and position that they had in the original application. This means that you can draw the first model and place a marker, then select the second model and use the same marker to draw it just by clicking on the marker.

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