Orphan and the jeweler

Hi,everyone. The following pic is my newest work. I’m a 3D Artist and my name is Wuling. Also I am an Anime fans. I’v always wanted to use CG to show one of my favorite anime characters . Hope one day it will be one of my best work.The process of doing .it is the process of learning. I learned a lot from it. Hope you like it.

Orainginal idea
The idea comes from fictionDiablo3 . I like play games. For such a non game hero characters story. It is very attractive.And the main character he is also an old friend with our adventure journey - Covetous Shen.

I hope can use lots of stuff to fill up the small secret-chamber. So I searched a lot reference about chamber of secrets and haunted house then added some Animal specimens, spider’s web and some magic books to create an ancient atmosphere.

Clothes I chose Middle ages gorgeous dresses.I combinated some different color material to created this effect.
Covetous Shen walking in a unkown secret-chamber. He looks around to check. There’s no one except himself. He turned his wrist rush into the secret-chamber. Before the door shut down there is a shadow quickly follow him enter in the secret-chamber. Covetous Shen he doesn’t notice it. At front of the candle he take out a treasure and look at it carefully. But he doesn’t notice danger is coming…

The shadow behind him is a killer who hired from his enemy wants his life. Killer is ready to thrust the dagger into Covetous Shen’s heart…
This work originality comes from Gino always ***8220;orphans and the jeweler***8221;
i hope you enjoy it:Dhappy zbrushing~





Very good work

great work~great ling~








great work

Nice work!!

The details are just stunning!


Very detailed , awesome work!
I am very interested your process.

Did you start with sketches(or a painting)?

wonderfuf wok .can you show us how did you do this?:o

Beautiful lightning and an outstanding piece of art you made Wuling! Top Row for sure :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:!!!

Amazing, all aspects are spotless!!! Congratulations.







This is one of the best works I’ve ever seen! I’m speechless! Congratulations, this is going to be top raw for sure.

This is Amazing! Congrats, I smell top row here :wink:

Jaw dropped.definitely deserves TOP ROW.keep rocking.:wink:



Wonderful! one of the best works I ever seen

This is pretty amazing! Outstanding detail and composition.