Orlauf the Scottish (or the Viking, i'm not so sure)

Sup guys.

Since this new version of Zbrush Central i haven’t post anything yet.
Firts of all congrats to Jaime Labelle, Paul Gaboury and all the ZBrush team for such nice updates in the forum and software.

So here’s my contribution, Orlauf.
Even Amundsen is one of my favorite character artists ever and i wanted to sculpt many of his concepts.
I chose Orlauf but imagine the responsibility that I need to have after so many good artists that make the 3D version of his concepts. I did my best and here’s the result. Hope you like Even.


Great work @Nilo! Beautiful presentation! Congrats! :clap:

Thanks a lot Nil. You’ve been a great inspiration this year so there’s a piece of you in this model :slight_smile:

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A couple more for you;

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Thank you for your kind words @Nilo! Keep rocking!

Great job on Orlauf Marcel :wink:

Thanks a lot Jaime =D

Hi Zbrush
So as a couple of you guys asked for breakdown of my Orlauf and i haven’t it, i bring you some more views of the Zbrush modelling in high details. Hope this help you.

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