Orgelf's works

Hello guys, I am a 46 y old french illustrator (2d/3d). You can see my stuff at www.orgelf.com .

Today after my personnal version of the church of Saint Augustin (Paris) that you can see here https://stog2.weebly.com I will begin a personnal version of Notre Dame of Paris.

I will begin by some statues. On the forecourt of the cathedral there will be a kind of demoniac trinity who will try to scare the visitors.

Today I show the final of the devil (the father of this trinity).

Made with Blender, Zbrush and Sketchup. Render by cycles(Blender).

the faces, skulls, hands and phone handset were didn’t made by me. I used makehuman or downloaded the models.

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the statue of the devil Part 2.

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