Orc creature concept

Hey guys! it has been a while. Here is a recent work I did for my 3DSnippets website for the month of July. All done in ZBrush, textured in 3D Painter and rendered in MarmosetTB4:

An alternative render:

This is the final sculpt with details in ZBrush (FiberMesh for the hair):

The low poly mesh for those interested in the wireframe (retopo in ZBrush)

And a couple more shots:

For other high-res images and videos from the render scene you can check my ArtStationi post here.


Looks awesome

Bad ass Orc @Pablander :muscle: awesome piece!

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Awesome piece! Thanks for including the clay models

So cool!! Love it :slight_smile:

awesome pablo :+1:

Turned out really well!
Great job! :heart_eyes: