Orb - game environment stuff

i like this work, great!!!

thanks a lot! I’m really glad you guys like it

jeffro864: Could you go over your method of getting the stylized cracks in everything (like the large floor tiles) if you don’t mind me asking?

Sure, for the large floor tiles cracks, i’m using diferent customs brushes, i made a vidéo where i explain thoses brushes, and you can download my “crack_brush” here also (i’m sorry for my accent in this first video but i need to practice some more ^^)


McClish: Can you tell a little bit about your baking process? Did you do all your stuff in zbrush or use render to texture or XNormal ? have used crazy bump in your texturing process with some sort of map ?

Yeah, xNormal is definitly my favourite tool to bake my normal maps, and i use crazybump a lot also, for details, merging baked normal maps with detail normal maps. Crazybump is very usefull to make displacement maps also, that can be use as a base in zbrush.

Stunning Work! Each pixel and pixol was created with love. Thank you for sharing with us!

amazing stuff! i’ve learned a lot from your presentation, so thanks! i hope to get more time to do some environment work like this soon. this is very inspirational!

Astounding work ! so much details, especially in the rocks.

Too bad the game didn’t end up selling :confused:

these are awesome work!

Thank you for sharing. It’s very inspiring techniques.

Super inspirational. Just WOW! Great work! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

*****!!:grimacing: vraiment beau!!!:+1:


Amazing. Its clean and stylized, so much control on what you try to achieve.

I’m really curious on how you created the tillable surfaces (like floor or sand). How do you fix the seams? In photoshop after baking the maps or in Zbrush? Any chance you could create a step by step for that or give more details?

Congratulations on the toprow.
A top row work, isn’t it?
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks Orb! Great use of creating alphas and making custom brushes. The details that you spend creating things like those really set your work apart. Thanks for the video and sharing the brushes too! Really awesome for Artists to do that.

Fabulous work! Thanks for posting, you’ve got a really great technique.

W O W, one of the best and most well deserved top rows ever :o amazing work, The rocks are just stunning, and magma and all the rest :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for sharing these images.
The attention to fine details are pleasing to my ocular organs
May the inspiration to create always be with you !

Great job and presentation! 5 Stars and congratz on the well deserved top row!

I love this. glad to see it on the top row. thats alot of work and would take me a million years or so. the style is consistent throughout. thanks for sharing

Wow… I mean WOW…

Great work spending time on all that. I can understand… I would love to see your paintings… You have some great artistic style.

Wow…this is so awesome…thank you for sharing!!!

Out-freakin-standing!!! Love it!