Orb - game environment stuff

This is so beautiful!
I love it!
THanks for sharing!

Best regards,

Words cannot describe how awesome this is. Probably one of the best Top Row I’ve seen on ZBC yet.

Excellent work 5 stars!:+1: :+1: :+1:

really nice stuff. !!!i love it! 5star! :smiley: :smiley:

Amazing!! The rock ROCK!! HEHEH vraiment très cool!


Superb! Congrats! Top Row :+1: :wink:

WOW. The normal map baking came out really nice for use on such low poly objects. Does anyone know of a tutorial for baking normal maps in max. Great work. Cheers for sharing

I love your style… congrats on top row :slight_smile:

Je me suis trompé de voie, je veux faire du décors!!!
Splendid work, this thread is really a gem, thank you so much for sharing!

Really good stuff man very well made! congrats on the top row! :+1:

Wow! Your stuff looks really clean and good!
Those are the best Unity things I have seen.
Good job.

Thanks for the information on your process.

I wish I could hire you.

brilliant work orb!

Very nice indeed. I like kinda of cartoony look to it.

Amazing work !!

tres beau boulot, domage que le jeux n’existe plus, la tonalitee generale avait l’air vraiment superbe!

top row!!!

Déjà je trouvais que ça tabassait grave sa maman quand je passais lorgner du coin de l’œil ton écran chez punchers, mais maintenant que je vois le détail, je ne peux que confirmer : c’est bien classious! :smiley:

vraiment 10/10… superbe boulot…

wow,i love it…amazing style

Hi! Nice work ! Can you tell a little bit about your baking process? Did you do all your stuff in zbrush or use render to texture or XNormal ? have used crazy bump in your texturing process with some sort of map ?


Olivier McClish.

Amazing work! :+1: :+1: